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Posted: 02/10/21

LAND RECORDS:  The Town of Whitingham’s Land Records are indexed and scanned from June 28, 1967 forward.

The online system is available by clicking:  If you wish to view the index, there is no charge and you can sign up and choose the complimentary subscription.  If there is a record that you want to view or print, you must purchase a subscription or come to the Town Clerk’s Office.  You should log in first and be sure that the document is in the system before you pay for a subscription.

If you decide to purchase a subscription and you need help when creating an account, you can contact Cott Systems Technical Support at 800-234-2688, first prompt is 8, second prompt is 1.

PROPERTY RECORD CARDS: Property Record Cards can be found HERE.

TAX BILLS: 2021 Tax Bills can be found HERE.

TAX MAPS:  Property tax maps can be found HERE.

Town Meeting 2022

Tuesday, March 1, 2022 (All day)

Posted: 01/21/22

Whitingham Town Meeting will be held by Australian ballot only on Tuesday, March 1, 2022 at the Whitingham Municipal Center, 2948 VT Route 100, Jacksonville, VT.  The polls will be open from 10am to 7pm.  All pertinant information is attached below.

PDF icon Warning for Town Meeting 2022

Forest Fire Warden

Posted: 09/29/21

Designated Village Centers program benefits

Posted: 11/19/21

The villages of Jacksonville and Whitingham are both "designated" village centers which provides the community with the benefits listed in the flyer attached.

PDF icon Village Center benefits

Are you struggling to pay your utility bills?

Posted: 08/11/21

The state of Vermont has various resources to help pay utility bills.  See their webpage HERE.