Town Departments


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Dan Hollister is the Animal Control Officer for the Town of Whitingham.  Any domestic animal issues can be handled by calling his pager at (802) 741-2901.   

The Town of Whitingham Annual Town Reports are posted in this space.  

Printed copies of the current year Town Report  are available in the Town Clerk's Office.  


Responsible for care and management of our Town cemeteries. Commission members are Chair, Dana Dix,  Tyson Dix and Bradford Lackey (802) 461-3441.

Almira Aekus is the collector of current and delinquent taxes. She can be reached at (802) 368-7887.

Tax bills are mailed ONLY once every August for the tax year and are due on or before November 1st.  If November 1st falls on a Sunday the taxes are due on the following Monday. 

If you purchase a property after the tax bills are mailed, you will not receive a new bill in your name until the following tax year mailing.  Your attorney should have made you aware of this and all outstanding taxes due are your responsibility.  Contact the Town Clerk's office if you need a copy of the bill at (802) 368-7887.


Vermont Homestead Declaration Form HS-122, Section A Vermont resident homeowners must annually file a Declaration of Homestead on their principal dwelling.  Due date is April 15th.  Late filing penalties will be applied.  For more information go to:

Property Tax Adjustment Claim Form HS-122, Section B Eligible Homestead owners must annually file a claim to receive an adjustment to property tax.  Generally an adjustment is not available to households whose income is $99,000 or more.  Property tax adjustments may be filed up to October 15th.  You are eligible for an adjustment if: you have filed a Vermont Homestead; you were a Vermont resident all of the prior calendar year; and you are not claimed as a dependent of another taxpayer for the tax year.

Documents you will need to file: Copy of property tax bill; Income information for you, your spouse/civil union partner, and all other members of the household such as W-2, 1099, SSA-1099, SSA-1042S, RRB-1099, RRB-1045, business income information.  Homestead Declaration Assistance (866) 828-2865 (toll free in VT) or (802) 828-2865 (local and out of state).

Dog licensing is an annual event.  Dogs more than six months of age may be licensed any time after January 1st of a calendar year, but must be licensed no later than April 1st of the same year in order to avoid the additional fee assessment.  If a dog reaches 6 months of age after April 1st, the owner must apply for a license within 30 days; the fee is reduced by half after October 1st.  All dogs must have a current rabies vaccination in order to become licensed.

All dogs over three months of age shall be vaccinated against rabies.  The initial vaccination shall be valid for 12 months.  Within 9 to 12 months of the initial vaccination, the animal must receive a booster vaccination.  All subsequent vaccinations following the initial vaccination shall be valid for 36 months.

Dog Licensing Fees:

By April 1                              Fee

Neutered/Spayed                $13

Unneutered/Not Spayed      $17

After April 1

Neutered/Spayed                $15

Unneutered/Nor Spayed     $21

The Town of Whitingham has a leash law that states that a person shall not allow a dog to run at large except upon the property of the owner.  Remember to license, leash and love your pet!

Almira Aekus, Treasurer, can be reached at (802) 368-7887 or Marylee Putnam, bookkeeper and can be reached at (802) 368-7543.

In case of emergency always dial 911.

For non-emergency calls the Fire Department phone number is (802) 368-2900.

Chief, Stanley Janovsky (802) 368-7184; Assistant Chief, Michael Stevens (802) 368-7229; Captains, David R. Briggs (802) 368-2743 and Dennis Pike (802) 368-2438; Lieutenants Sheldon Dix (802) 368-2698 and Marshall Dix (802) 368-2781

Town Health Officer addresses a wide variety of concerns that are tied to issues of health. Concerns relative to septic, mold, pollution, lead paint, an unusual build-up of trash, illegal dumping of garbage are all concerns for Whitingham's Health Officer, Gig Zboray (802) 368-7500.

The Whitingham Free Public Library was first established in 1899. The Library is located at 2948 Vermont Route 100, within the Whitingham Municipal Center in the Village of Jacksonville. We offer 24 hour Wi-Fi, and a variety of programs and services for the community. For more information please call (802) 368-7506. 

Library Trustees meet on the first Wednesday of each month at 6pm.

Here are links you might find useful:

Vermont Online Library offers free access to Gale Databases, Heritage Quest and Universal Class with just a library card.

Green Mountain Library Consortium offers free audio and Ebooks with your library card.

Search our catalog for books, audios and dvds  [Library Name:  whitingham free  / Password:  (leave blank)]

Please do not leave books outside the library.  Donations will be considered on an appointment basis.  We do NOT accept text books, encyclopedias or dictionarys at all.


Listers are responsible for appraising property values for the purpose of property tax assessment.  The Listers for the Town of Whitingham are Jenepher Burnell and Howard Dix.  They can be reached at (802) 368-2838.

The Whitingham Municipal Center located at 2948 VT Route 100 in Jacksonville is available for rent for special occasions.  The main dining hall occupancy is up to 100 people.  A fully equiped kitchen is also available.  The Municipal Center Use Policy is attached below as well as rental contracts.  For more information please contact Almira Aekus at (802) 368-7887.

The Planning Commission is responsible for creating a master plan for the Town of Whitingham.  The Chair of the Commission is Bradford Lackey;  other members include Linda Donaghue, Phil Edelstein, Peter Barus and Kristine Breeden.


Highway Department addresses all roadway related concerns. Its able crew includes: Tim Bernard, Mike Boyd, Dennis Pike and Whitney Hamilton. Pete Bernard, Municipal Employee, has the responsibility of upkeep related to all town-owned buildings and grounds, also provides assistance to the Highway Crew, as needed.

The Whitingham Selectboard provide management and oversight to the business affairs of the Town, which includes Financial Operations.  They routinely approve financial documents (warrants), hear concerns of citizenry, create town ordinances, regulations and policies, and generally assist in finding appropriate direction and balance in their deliberations.     

Whitingham has a 5-member board, with terms of one - two - and three years. Selectboard Chair is Keith Bronson, Vice-Chair, Greg Brown and Members, Allan Twitchell, Karl Twitchell and Robin Kingsley.  They meet every other Wednesday at 7:30 PM in the Office of the Selectboard, ground level, Municipal Center. The phone number for the Selectboard Office is (802) 368-7500.

In the Town of Whitingham there are two sewage treatment plants which are overseen by the Selectboard.    The Waste Water Treatment Plant, Chief Operator is Dave DiCantio (802) 368-7538.

Almira Aekus is the collector of current and deliquent taxes.  She can be reached at (802) 368-7887. Please see "Collector of Taxes"

Town Clerk, Treasurer, Collector of Current and Delinquent Taxes: Almira Aekus (802) 368-7887.  Office hours are: Monday through Friday 9am to 2pm; Wednesday evenings 5-7pm; 1st Saturday of each month 9am to 12 noon; or by appointment.
The Town Clerk's Office provides the following services:
Voter registration
Tax Collection
Tax Information
Dog Licensing
Recording official documents
Issue civil marriage licenses
Maintain Town records, such as land records, maps, minutes of meetings, etc.
Notary public
Transfer Station punch cards
Green Mountain Passports
Municipal Center rentals

The Transfer Station receives general supervision from Stanley Janovsky (368-2466). Its day to day operations are addressed by Jenny Herzig, Transfer Station Attendant (368-7876). Routine business questions may be answered in the Selectboard Office by Gig Zboray (368-7500). 

Also check out the State of Vermont  Environment Assistance Office or call (800) 974-9599 for further information.

The Zoning Administrator is responsible for administering and enforcing the zoning code and land development regulations of the Town of Whitingham including issuing building permits. You can reach the Zoning Administrator, Gig Zboray at (802) 368-7500.

Vermont's building Energy Codes - the Vermont Residential Building Energy Standards (VT-RBES) and the Vermont Commercial Building Energy Standards (VT-CBES) - are minimum standards of energy efficiency that apply to all new residential and commercial construction, renovations, alterations, and repairs in Vermont.

The Energy Code Assistance Center provides toll-free assistance at 1 (855) 887-0673.  Information is also available at the Department of Public Service website:



Efficiency Vermont offers technical assistance and incentives for projects that seek to meet a level of energy efficiency above the Energy Code.  Call 1 (888) 921-5990 or visit to learn more.

The Zoning Board of Adjustment is empowered to grant relief from the strict application of the Zoning Regulations (waivers), approve certain uses of land (special exceptions), and hear appeals of actions taken by the Zoning Administrator. Board members include: Chair, David Dumaine; Craig Aekus, Dana Dix, Marshall Dix, Troy Felisko, Scott Reed and Lyman Tefft, Jr.  They can be reached by calling the Town Clerk's office at (802) 368-7887.

Adjunct Departments

Whitingham Economic Development Group members include Jenepher Burnell, Phil Edelstein, Gretchen Havreluk,  and Kyle Frey.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the EDG please call Gretchen at (802)368-7059.


Wayne Wood is the Emergency Management Director for the Town of Whitingham and can be reached at (802) 368-2940. He is responsible for the organization and administration of local emergency management.

Our Fire Warden, Allan Twitchell, maintains a permit station under his front porch at 243 Goodnow Road, just off Route 100.  Look for the Fire Warden and/or Railroad Crossing signs in his front yard.  The receipt book station is kept under the front porch.

Allan's rules are simple:

-If the log book is out, it is OK to burn.

Fill out your contact information and take your yellow copy.

If you have space on your property, Allan suggests not burning your brush and maintain a pile in an out of the way location.  This can provide a nice wildlife habitat and the brush will eventually rot away.



In the state of Vermont the Game Warden is responsible for enforcing laws pertaining to the hunting, fishing, and trapping of wild animals.  The Game Warden for the Town of Whitingham is Rich Watkin (802) 368-7302 or (802) 257-7101.

Justices of the Peace perform marriages, but their primary role is to oversee elections, they also serve on the Board of Civil Authority. You can reach a Justice of the Peace by contacting the Town Clerk at (802) 368-7887.

The Memorial Day Committee is responsible Memorial Day celebrations in the Town.  Committee members are Stewart B. Reynolds (802) 368-2446 and Dana Dix (802) 368-7612.

The moderator runs the Annual and Special Town/School Meetings.  The moderator for the Town of Whitingham is Leon L. Corse (802) 368-7192.

Students in grades Pre-K through 5 attend the Twin Valley Elementary School located on Route 100 in Wilmington, VT.  Students in grades 6-12 attend the Twin Valley Middle/High School  located on Route 100 in Whitingham, VT.  Any questions regarding the schools can be directed to the Windham Southwest Supervisory Union at (802) 464-1300.

Senior Solutions (previously The Council on Aging), provides a meal-site program at the Municipal Center for local and area seniors on Tuesday and Thursdays each week.  Menus are posted on the bulletin board at the entrance to the Main Hall.  There is frequent additional programming, in the form of Bone Builders, Blood Pressure Clinics and the like.  Announcements relative to these are also posted on the bulletin board.  

The meal-site Manager is Terrie Dumaine.  She may be contacted at (802) 368-7567.  Anilla Hood has responsibility for organization oversight.  She may be contacted at (802) 885-2655.  The Senior Help Line, addressing a wide variety of concerns is (800) 642-5119.

Transportation to meals is provided, free of charge, by the Moover.  To request a ride please call (802) 464-8487.

The Town Hill Committee is responsible for the care of Town Hill Park.   Committee Members include Keith A. Bronson, Steven P. Betit, Alan K. Hadley, Aysha Peltz and Seth Boyd. Questions or concerns for the committee may be addressed through Keith Bronson at (802) 368-7068.

The Tree Warden is responsible for the care of shade trees on public town lands such as parks, town common, public streets, schools and town forest.  The Tree Warden for the Town of Whitingham is Adam Buursma (802) 368-2890.

In the absence of county government, the Windham Regional Commission provides the essential link between local, state and federal government.  They are a public entity, constituted by law and required to meet statutory obligations.

Their mission is to assist towns in Southeastern Vermont to provide effective local government and work cooperatively with them to address regional issues.

The state’s purpose in creating regional planning commissions was to:

  • Promote economic development, increasing jobs and income;
  • Preserve the natural beauty of Vermont;
  • Obtain and maintain efficiency in government expenditure;
  • Safeguard and extend local autonomy in planning and development decisions.

Whitingham has two representatives to the Windham Regional Commission.  They are Jenepher Burnell and Kristine Sweeter.