Dog Licensing

Dog licensing is an annual event.  Dogs more than six months of age may be licensed any time after January 1st of a calendar year, but must be licensed no later than April 1st of the same year in order to avoid the additional fee assessment.  If a dog reaches 6 months of age after April 1st, the owner must apply for a license within 30 days; the fee is reduced by half after October 1st.  All dogs must have a current rabies vaccination in order to become licensed.

All dogs over three months of age shall be vaccinated against rabies.  The initial vaccination shall be valid for 12 months.  Within 9 to 12 months of the initial vaccination, the animal must receive a booster vaccination.  All subsequent vaccinations following the initial vaccination shall be valid for 36 months.

Dog Licensing Fees:

By April 1                              Fee

Neutered/Spayed                $13

Unneutered/Not Spayed      $17

After April 1

Neutered/Spayed                $15

Unneutered/Nor Spayed     $21

The Town of Whitingham has a leash law that states that a person shall not allow a dog to run at large except upon the property of the owner.  Remember to license, leash and love your pet!

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Jacksonville, VT 05342