About Whitingham

We are:  ESSENTIAL VERMONT...   Located along Routes 112 and 100, the Town of Whitingham is comprised of two small villages, Jacksonville and Whitingham.  Its early history shows that Nathan Whiting brought a petition to the Lieutenant Governor of the State of New York on January 7, 1767 which resulted in the original settlement of the Town.  The census of 1771 records a population of fourteen, some of whom had come from Halifax and the rest from Massachusetts.  By 1781 the population had soared to 200. The first home was most likely built on the fertile land now flooded by the waters of Lake Whitingham. 
Jacksonville, once New Boston and then Martin’s Mills took its name from President Andrew Jackson.  Town Hill, mid-way between the Villages of Jacksonville and Whitingham was the site of the largest early settlement, with churches, stores, post office and an academy.
Farming has been the primary occupation since the beginning, but lime burning, lumbering, chair making, trading, carding wool, tanning and the manufacture of scythe snaths (among other industry) have also figured in the building of the Town.
The first church building was raised on Town Hill in 1799 and was used by all denominations.  In 1801, famed Mormon, Brigham Young was born here.  In 1925 the Mormons erected a marker noting the birthplace of their leader.
The advent of hydro-electric power was significant in changing the topography of Whitingham.  In the early 1900’s, it brought the formation of Lake Whitingham causing the submersion of old landmarks and relocation of the railroad. 
Whitingham is located in the southwest corner of Windham County on the Massachusetts State line.  The Deerfield River and Green Mountains form a natural western Town boundary.  Current population hovers between 1300 and 1800 (plus or minus) full time and seasonal residents.
The Whitingham Village Historic District is comprised of a group of commercial, institutional, agricultural and residential buildings constructed between 1840 and 1950 which form the core of Whitingham Village along parts of Route 100, School Street, Brook Street and Stimpson Hill Road.
A wide variety of scenic resources many of which can be viewed from along roadsides are available.  Views of Sadawga Lake and Lake Whitingham are particularly noteworthy.  Sprague Falls and Holbrook Pond and the shores of Clara Lake, Shippee Pond, Jacksonville Pond, Ryder Pond, Laurel Lake and Gates Pond are also important scenic resources.
Whitingham is fortunate to maintain large tracts of forest that have significant habitat potential for large mammals (bear, moose, deer, bobcat, fisher and coyote) and many valued songbirds.